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AbTronic      AbTronic
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Introducing the OEM AbTronic!
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer but what it means for you is incredible savings! OEM products are made in the same factory as their name-brand counterparts and are identical in every way, except for the price and packaging. Now the exact same device that is sold on TV with a $120 price tag can be yours for only $9.95!

Compare the expensive retail version with the great value of the OEM AbTronic:

AbTronic OEM AbTronic
This is the retail AbTronic package:
  • AbTronic control unit
  • Neoprene center piece
  • 1 long belt
  • 1 short belt
  • Conductive gel
  • 2 CR-2032 batteries
  • Instructions
  • Weight loss plan
  • Bag
Price: $120
Here's what you get with the OEM AbTronic:
  • OEM AbTronic control unit
  • Neoprene center piece
  • 1 long belt
  • 1 short belt
  • Conductive gel
  • 2 CR-2032 batteries
  • Instructions
Price: $9.95

(Are a bag and diet plan really worth $110?!)

Your muscles get a full workout without the work!
The OEM AbTronic sends hundreds of tiny impulses to your muscles telling them to contract and relax, all with no effort on your part! Cram an entire muscle toning session into a few easy minutes without breaking a sweat! Just put the belt on your problem area and let the OEM AbTronic work it's magic.

Exercise your muscles anywhere, anytime!
This incredible belt can be worn no matter what you're doing! Give yourself a workout while reading or watching TV. Firm your abs when you work around the house or sculpt your biceps and triceps while sitting at your desk. When and where you get your easy, sweat-free workout is totally up to you!

You choose the routine!
With six exercise programs to choose from, you're sure to find the workout that gives you the amazing results you're looking for. Choose the Karate Chop with over 300 muscle contractions per minute to give you the toned shape you desire. Go for the Iron Man pro exercise routine that mixes the modes to give you an intense workout for the sculpted look and rock-hard abs, biceps, thighs and buns. Or lose the love handles with the Fat Blaster constant low-frequency routine. And unlike the cheap imitations that don't let you choose the mode you want, the AbTronic gives you full control over your workout!

Choose your intensity!
You get 10 degrees of intensity, which means you get the perfect exercise routine - every time! Just getting started? No problem. Simply set the OEM AbTronic to level 1 and get a gentle workout. After a few days, step up to level 2 and gradually increase as your muscles get toned and you get closer to your ideal body. Ready for an intense workout right out of the box? Set it to six and feel the burn!

You get everything you need!
This awesome package includes the silicon-backed center piece and OEM AbTronic control device which is the heart of this incredible fitness system. One long and one short elastic belt give you the perfect fit anywhere. Also included is 30ml of conductive gel which is required for any electronic muscle stimulant to function. And the simple instructions get you on your way to a better body in just minutes!

Guaranteed quality!
We're so confident that the OEM AbTronic will tone and sculpt you to a perfect body, we are offering a full 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not thrilled with the OEM AbTronic, simply return it to us and we'll refund the entire purchase price, less shipping and handling fees. Or, if your AbTronic fails during that same 14-day period, we'll replace the defective part free of charge! Our goal is to make every customer a satisfied customer! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at sales@wcubed.net.

2-day shipping at no extra charge!
While other stores will charge $14 to ship imitation products by regular mail, we'll ship you the OEM AbTronic via USPS Priority 2-day for a flat $10, so you can start your sweat-free workout right away! And if you order more than one OEM AbTronic, shipping for each extra unit is only $5! All domestic shipping prices include Delivery Confirmation and insurance. International orders are are shipped via USPS Airmail (4-7 days) and are $24 for the first OEM AbTronic and $8 for each unit thereafter. These OEM AbTronics are in stock, but moving fast, so don't wait - order now!

Payment is quick and easy!
Just click on the button below to pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. We'll confirm your order by email after your payment is processed and send a delivery notice with tracking information once your OEM AbTronic has been shipped. Colorado residents, please add 2.9% sales tax.